MAKE BULLYING A CRIME is a political / human rights campaign
which aims to get abuse, bullying and mobbing higher up the political agenda and get bullying stopped in the workplace.

It is time that something happened to the bullies, for in the workplace where bullying occurs in 99% of cases it stops when the target of bullying resigns, goes off sick or commits suicide.


We want Bullying in the Workplace to be made into a criminal offence, where serious bullying results in the perpetrator/s going to prison.

Despite the recent Equality Act outlawing harassment on the grounds of sex, race, sexuality, disability etc harassment is still prevalent. It is up to us targets of abuse to stop it – and WE WILL.

It wasn’t until Race and Sex Discrimination were outlawed that such practices were greatly curbed, we feel that bullying would diminish substantially if it was made a crime.


We aim to help the targets of this abuse by giving them support and advice about their rights, by giving targets the chance to voice their concerns and we help to get bullying stopped. We suggest bullied targets contact us if they require any help (contact details below).


We believe that everyone in the workplace irrespective of their status deserves to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Employees’ rights should be protected at all times and they need to be aware of their rights.

So we are encouraging workers to come forward and say they are being bullied and that they want bullying outlawed – in this way we can bring bullied targets together so that we know we are not alone when we are being bullied.

Bullying Drags People and the Economy Down

We understand that more than 3 million people at work consider themselves as being bullied, 25% of people report that they have been bullied in the last 5 years and 18.9 million working days are lost every year as a direct result of workplace bullying, losing £4billion to industry as victims take time off work. (Statistics from the Andrea Adams Trust Appeal).

We know that bullying in the workplace lowers employees’ morale and can cause stress and sickness, which costs the UK economy, directly and indirectly, up to £30billion per year.

We want politicians to recognise that the violations of employees’ rights has a negative effect on society and it is the suffering caused to the targets of bullying we want stopped.

Bullying at work has to stop and, as with Race Discrimination and Sex Discrimination, it will be stopped when the law forbids it.

For people who are interested in our services or what to volunteer to help please
contact us at:

Email: makebullyingacrime@hotmail.co.uk or Mob:  07810 025818


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